Recruitment module in myFOX!

Recruitment module in myFOX allows you to actively participate in recruiting of new employees and at the same time..

What does myFOX offer?

  • collects all relevant information about job candidates in one place (including CV).
  • possibility to submit a request for a new employee.
  • you will see the entire recruitment process (overview about the number of candidates and their progress through the selection process).
  • regular reporting on key events throughout the recruitment process.

How to do it?

Check video-manual below or go to ,,Tutorials for managers'' on

Recruitment process reporting is available at myFOX.

How can you access it?

  • from your PC at work or at home.
  • from your mobile using myFOX application.

In the app, you also have the possibility to rate candidates, even during the interview.

Career Sites:

Career sites, which you can find HERE, are available for all external candidates as well.

The internal career site offers our employees the possibility of career development from the comfort of myFOX. Free job positions can be found directly in the Careers section, where they can apply for them in case they are interested.

MyFOX also allows you to recommend a candidate for a vacancy!