Interview scheduling has never been easier!

We are introducing you new functionallity in Recruiting module - fast, simple and intuitive interview planning in myFOX!

As of today, we are launching a brand-new feature in myFOX recruiting module..

Interview Scheduling with full integration to MS Outlook!

What does this functionallity enable?

  • Recruiters to schedule interviews directly in myFOX
  • Send it in one stroke to you, the candidate and possibly to other participants of the selection process

What are the benefits?

  • Clear structure - all the candidates and their assessments in one place
  • The possibility to evaluate the candidate immediately after the interview and to view individual evaluations from the recruiter
  • Outlook calendar with scheduled interviews
  • Everything in electronic form - no need to print a CV
  • All information about the interview in one place (recruiter, candidate, room and time of the interview)
  • Overview of individual positions, candidates and their current status

You will receive a blocker to your calendar, including date & time of the interview. You will also find a link to the Interview Central section where you can evaluate the competencies of each candidate, add comments and compare the candidates.

The aim of this feature is to streamline the recruiting process, have bigger flexibility in getting the feedbacks and the possibility to get your new team members on board asap.

You will find manuls on this address: (Candidates selection and interview tutorial)

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your recruiter.