Performance and Goal management in myFOX

Performance and Goal Management in myFOX offers...

PMGM (Performance Management and Goal Management) modul in myFOX for evaluation of performance of IL employees in myFOX.


The new module features:

  • setting of goals and their continuous evaluation, regular communication of superors with their teams,
  • giving feedback and request for feedback from internal/external co-workers,
  • planning of activities for personal development and to improve performance,
  • continuous evaluation of achievements and possibility to link them to specific goals,
  • a mobile app enabling continuous performance evaluation,
  • non-stop acess to data in PMGM via the Interner for both superior and IL employees

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PMGM allows superiors to use performance management as a tool of continuous evaluation and to develop individuals and team so that they can achieve both the department and company goals.