Compensation Module in myFOX!

Compensation Module in myFOX offers you to...

What does Compensation Module offers?

  • The first forms in which G Group and SWD supervisors will execute an annual salary review for their IL employees
  • The forms include, among other things like current information on salaries in the team, recommendations for adjusting them, including the possibility of commenting and newly also overview of the proposed salary changes. There is also an overview of your budget usage.
  • Subsequently, the forms continue within the approval process through the superior, Comp&Ben team and BU Head.
  • Planners/approvers are continuously informed during approval process about each movement of their form through email notifications.
  • Once all forms have been approved, managers will be informed that they can communicate changes to employees.
  • For this purpose we have prepared the so-called Statements in the system, which contain an overview of the original and new salary of the employee including thanks for the work performance.

Enjoy this year's annual salary review in a new way.

Note: In myFOX, there is an approval process of proposed salary increases (approving of planning forms) only two-level. Before you approve planning form of subordinate planners and submit them to the Compensation team review, discuss it with your senior manager / manager as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Lucie Vognarová, Petra Mejstříková or Ladislav Maťašovič.

For more information click on video-manual below: