E-learning in myFOX!

Thanks to learning module in myFOX, gaining new skills and knowledge is more engaging...

Thanks to e-learning in myFOX:

  • You have an overview of your and your team members´ on-line learning at one place in myFOX,
  • You not have to keep in mind or track a record of any dates, myFOX will notify you in time about your courses to take as well as qualifications of your subordinates,
  • You do not have to assign online and mandatory courses to your team, the system will do it automatically,
  • You can recommend courses or even assign them to your subordinates at your own discretion and therefore manage development of your team,
  • You have a clear report covering learning history of all your team members,
  • You may use the opportunity to include learning plans of your subordinates to your managerial interviews.

How to work with the new module is available HERE:

Enjoy it!