Extraordinary reward in myFOX

What is an extraordinary reward? Extraordinary report is provided exceptionally as a one-off reward, and it is an appreciation of extraordinary performance...

What is an extraordinary reward?

  • Extraordinary reward is provided exceptionally as a one-off reward, and it is an appreciation of extraordinary performance and effort beyond normal job responsibilities.
  • An extraordinary reward sends a strong signal to other employees about valued and above-standard approach to work and the task.
  • It is usually a reward for dealing with unforeseen and sudden situations, or award for employee behavior or approach which serves as an example for other employees.
  • It is a reward to which the employee does not arise / does not claim and does not serve as a compensation instrument for wages or their components.
  • In its nature the extraordinary reward is a reward that employee does not expect, has not been promised or conditioned upon fulfilling predefined tasks.

Rules for awarding extraordinary reward:

  • Amount can be in range CZK 500 to CZK 10,000.
  • One employee may be awarded maximally twice a year.
  • There is an option to decide whether extraordinary reward will be pay to wage or to Cafeteria.

Who and how is the extraordinary reward approved in myFOX?

  1. Direct supervisor (at all levels) enters a reward request into myFOX.
  2. The requirement continues to the HR Business Partner's approval, and upon approval the request continues to the direct supervisor (to the direct supervisor of person who proposes the reward).
  3. When requesting for extraordinary reward, it is necessary to provide a detailed reason why it should be paid. Failure to write the reason will not allow asses and to approve the request.


  • Before creating request for an extraordinary reward in myFOX, discuss your aim in advance with your Business Partner and Direct supervisor, as they are approvers for an extraordinary reward. Also it is necessary to gain the approval of the cost center manager in case that your rules define it.
  • The extraordinary reward should be communicated to an employee only after the approval on all levels is accomplished, as the worst way of motivation is the failure to fulfill the promise.
  • Frequent extraordinary reward cease to be extraordinary, do not fulfill its purpose and therefore is considered as a matter of course.
  • Consider the amount of extraordinary reward in respect to the nature of the activity / approach you want to appreciate.

Approving other forms of reward:

Proposals and approvals of other forms of remuneration continues in a standard way (... approved by a direct supervisor, center manager, BU Head, HR Business Partner), or upon specifics set up by the relevant division. Other forms of remuneration are for example, the following rewards:

  • Reward for the recommendation of a new employee paid into wage.
  • Reward for the recommendation of a new employee paid into Cafeteria.
  • An extra pay for a public holiday.
  • Performance bonus (monthly bonus).
  • Reward for Kaizen to Cafeteria.
  • Various surcharges (deputizing); compensation payments for balancing period.
  • and other ..

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